About me

I'm a developer currently living in Manchester, UK. My principal working area is web development using the .NET stack and optimization of performance for web applications. However, my interests also comprise design patterns, systems architecture, natural language processing(NLP), data indexing (mainly using Lucene or any port like Lucene.NET) and data crawling on intranet environments. Also, I've been working on the mobile development field using mainly iOS and although I've had some occasional encounters with Android, I'm more deeply invested into iOS. I'm always happy to help anybody whenever time allows so feel free to contact me and I will get back at you as soon as possible. The main languages I'm focused are C# and Objective C, but I also work with Javascript, PHP and C++, though admittedly the latter hasn't been on my screen for sometime now.

I currently work as a Senior Developer on Intechnica, a performance consulting firm on Manchester, and it's important to make clear that while I work there, any points of view expressed in this blog are in no way to be associated with Intechnica. Basically, you get to blame only me if I say something that's wrong :)

You can contact me using the Contact Me page (duh!) or you can follow me on twitter.